#17 Ring will go through #17

The emergence of Andrew Bynum has proved to be highly valuable for the Lakers and their quest to claim their 17th Larry Obrien Finals Trophy. Bynum aka Beast Bynum has had the best season of his young career so far. He finally has played through a full season with no major injuries or watching his teammates from the sidelines. Bynum only 24 years old (and a month younger than myself ) is putting up career numbers 18.7 ppg, 11.8 rpg and 1.9 bpg. Andrew at only 24 is already in his 7th season as part of the Los Angeles Lakers and was named a starter in this year’s 2012 Allstar Game alongside fellow teammate Kobe Bryant. With the play of Bynum and the back injury sidelining Dwight Howard, Andrew has become the CENTER of Attention as the most Dominant Big man in the NBA. LA Lakers coach, Coach Mike Brown said “Andrew Bynum has the ability to change the course of a game without even scoring a single point.” That is a credit to not only Bynum’s size but his ability to block shots, grab rebounds, contest shots, and even find open teammates. Bynum this season was such a beast that on April 4th 2012 against the Spurs in San Antonio, he became only the 5th player in Lakers history to record 30 rebounds in one game. The following game on April 13th against Denver he scored 30 points on 8/11 shooting. Beast Bynum is so versatile that he can score but, also he drastically can change the outcome of the game with his defensive prowess, shot blocking ability, and rebounding tenacity. Even game 1 of this first round matchup between Denver and Los Angeles we saw how Dominant Andrew Bynum can be without even the need to score. In that game Bynum recorded a triple double in the playoffs with 10 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 blocks. It was the first since playoff triple double since the Magic Johnson era. The biggest factor was the 10 blocks!! Bynum controlled the defensive paint blocking and altering almost every shot near the rim. The 10 blocks tied a playoff record with Mark Eaton and Hakeem Olajuwon.

Andrew Bynum at 7 foot and weighing 285 is one of the strongest loads to ever play in the NBA but his athleticism and skill set is unparalleled. The thing that separates Bynum from superstars like Dwight Howard, Shaq, and even Wilt is that Bynum can actually shoot. He is a big man with touch. This season Bynum averaged 69% from the free throw stripe which is unheard of from a dominant Big. Shaq, Wilt and Howard are all career 50% free throw shooters. So if Bynum can beat you down low, and has a good midrange jumper, and has even hit a three in the regular season how can you stop him? The answer is you can’t! With Shaq and Howard you do the hack a shaq technique, but it doesn’t work with Bynum. The only way Bynum can be stopped his from himself. Bynum this season has come to the realization that not only does he belong in the NBA but that he is an unstoppable beast. So when Bynum doesn’t get his necessary touches under the rim he will sometimes check out mentally. The big man needs his food and he likes to eat, so feed him the rock. Bynum who is unstoppable needs to realize that when he isn’t get the touches that he wants he can’t lose mental focus. Bynum has admitted to checking out of games and defensive lapses. If the Lakers are to win the Championship like Kobe and Lakersnation believes it will then Bynum needs to hone in on complete and total focus for 48 minutes. I would even say Bynum should concentrate more on his defensive game and offensive rebounding more than scoring. Sometimes the best way to score is to get yourself involved defensively and on the glass. Everyone knows Bynum can score, that is not the question, but for the Lakers to be Champions Bynum needs to be committed to playing Defense and Grabbing Rebounds. The little things might not be glamorous but glamor will come by doing the little things. For the Lakers to reclaim their Title and win #17 it will be all up to #17 Andrew Bynum and his determination to help his team with all aspects on the floor. Complete hunger, desire, focus, tenacity, and will makes Champions. Kobe Bryant is forging his DNA onto young Bynum and when he masters it all like his sensei #24 Black Mamba Kobe Bryant, then we will see the eliteness of a great Center whose mission is to bring home #17 ring back in the streets of Figueroa.  This Lakers team has the capability of going all the way now it depends if Andrew Bynum will be totally engaged until he hoists up the gold trophy.


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