Star among stars

In a city full of stars and celebrities Kobe Bryant is the biggest star of them all. Even on this Oscar weekend. Kobe Bryant drew a bigger crowd this Saturday, March 1st at the mall. Kobe unveiled his new signature Kobe 9 basketball shoes called the “Elite Masterpiece.” About one thousand or more fans filled the Culver City, Westfield mall to get a glimpse of the 5x Champion of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bean Bryant. Kobe was expected to speak at noon. However he didn’t start speaking until about 2:30. Fans waited patiently for two and a half hours to see the Black Mamba. Finally he arrived and the crowd burst with excitement chanting Kobe, and MVP.

Kobe talked about the Lakers struggles this year and all the haters, and he also said that fans should remember this season because next season the Lakers would be coming back with a vengeance. Kobe uses the negative as fuel for motivation. He also encouraged fans to never give up on their dreams and that nothing can stop them from accomplishing their goals. Kobe recalled a story of when he was in 3rd grade when his counselor asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Kobe said a basketball player of course. The counselor said that he needed to be more realistic. Only 1 in a million make it to the NBA and their are only about 300 players in the NBA. Kobe responded to his teacher that he was 1 of the 300. Thats what Kobe calls #MAMBAmentality. The will and determination to make things happen even when everything looks stacked against you.

“No matter what happens come hell or high water you are gonna do whatever it takes to overcome and win.”

The Lakers are hoping that Kobe can bring that MambaMentality back to the team and reclaim another title. Kobe is chasing his 6th title, and as he always says there is nothing sweeter than winning a ring.

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The Lakers turned a meaningless game on Friday into a riveting win. A home game at Staples Center vs the Sacramento Kings, the Lakers at one point trailed by 15 points to the Kings in the second half. The win snapped a 3 game losing streak for the Lakers who now sit at 20-39 for the season and are among the worst teams in the NBA. If the NBA Lottery draft were today the Lakers would have a high probability of having a top 5 pick in the first round. The Kings are not looking good either as they share the same record at 20-39. Both teams are last in the Western Conference.

The Lakers who haven’t played defense all season certainly did not on Friday versus the Kings. The Lakers gave up 122 points but still won the ball game. The Lakers beat the Kings 126-122. The win was fueled by the sharpshooting of Jordan Farmar who scored a career high 30 points and went 8-10 from the 3 point arc. The Lakers also set a team record with 19 three point field goals made as they were 19-27 and shot 70% from beyond the arc. The Lakers as a team shot 60% from the field. Not only did Farmar have the magic touch but so did Jodie Meeks who was perfect from the field at 8-8. Marshon Brooks also had a stellar game as he scored 23 points which was more than the Kings bench. Brooks provided late crucial baskets to put the Kings away with the waning minutes in the fourth quarter. Kent Bazemore called Brooks a young Kobe after his performance on Friday. Bazemore added 12 points on 5-11 shooting. Wesley Johnson had a double double with 12 points and 12 rebounds. Pau Gasol also had a strong game as he scored 22 points 5 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. This comes after he criticized Mike D’Antoni’s system. D’Antoni fired back saying that Lakers players should keep things in house. The irony is that D’Antoni went to the media earlier in the season and threw Pau under the bus.

The Lakers were so much on fire that there lack of defense and turnovers did not keep them from pulling off the comeback win. The Lakers pulled off a miraculous comeback on the shoulders of Farmar, and the late plays of Brooks. In a meaningless game this game was pure up and down back and forth barn burner until the end. The Lakers hope to continue their inspired play as they head out on the road. In a trying and difficult season, these types of wins are memorable and special for the fans. Real Lakers fans stick with their team no matter what. Lakers fans bleed purple and gold.